Ahh, Wollongong. A place where the mountains meet the sea. I grew up here so it always has a special place in my heart. While back in town to visit my parents and siblings, I thought it would be great to take another “Be a tourist in my own town” approach 🙂

Growing up here I always took the beaches and scenery for granted. Now whenever I come back to visit, I appreciate every second I have to look at the scenery. Even the Steelworks which is viewable from the beach, looks beautiful!

So, if you ever decide to head to Wollongong for the day there’s a few places that are good to check out:

First of all, the beaches around Wollongong Harbour. Its calm, romantic, quiet and there’s a number of great places to eat in the area. There’s also plenty of parking and parks for the kids to play in (if you have any!) While you’re there, make sure you go for a walk and check out the lighthouses.

If you want to go shopping you head to Crown Central Mall on Crown Street. Three stories of shops and food plus a mass of cafes and restaurants close by. My favourite places to eat were Mylan, Chefs Choice (very cheap chinese food, but tastes awesome), and the Hide Away Cafe.

I’ll be honest with you. Wollongong isn’t a place to go if you’re looking for action and excitement. It’s more a place to go if you want to relax, go for walks and eat fish and chips by the beach. If you really want an adrenaline hit while in Wollongong, you can do skydiving at the beach. Which I DO plan to do one day! Just…not yet..

Wollongong is the place to go if you want some beautiful views, interesting history and some relaxation



P.S:Sorry about the photos. I only had time to take some at sunset!


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