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Relying On Myself

Sometimes things don’t meet up to your expectations and you need to learn to accept it and move on as soon as possible. Like this cup of coffee I bought from Starbucks this morning. *glare* Continue reading →


Ups And Downs

So thats me right now, sitting at the computer. Forlorn, stressed, worrying if I’ll even be able to get this idea of mine off the ground and if I’ll even get to go travelling. Ever. Continue reading →

I Just Had To Share

This video is so great I just had to share it. I was smiling the whole way through 🙂

I hope that everyone out there gets to achieve their dreams, no matter what they are.

Enjoy ❤

Baby Steps-My Plan

Yesterday I took the leap towards ending my studies and embarking on my journey to create my own Social Media PR Business and start to travel. But first, I need to plan exactly what I’m going to do. Continue reading →