Chinese Garden Of Friendship

I have been stressed lately. Very very stressed. I needed to escape to somewhere for some peace and quiet and peace of mind. I found that at the Chinese Garden Of Friendship in Sydney.

There are times in your life, especially when you’re single and lets face it, kinda lonely because you spend your nights after work eating chips and watching Bridget Jones’ Diary over and over again while thinking that you’d kill for a Darcy-esque character to sweep you off your feet and tell you that they love you just the way you are..but I digress. What I mean to say is that there are times when you just need to clear your mind.

Thankfully in Darling Harbour there is a place where you can do just that. A little piece of heaven in the middle of a big and bustling city. Admission is cheap. Only $6 for an adult or $3 if you’re a student or have a concession. Today I chose to spoil myself and paid $11 which gave me entry into the gardens as well as tea and some delicious dim sims in the tea house.

In the gardens, there is gorgeous scenery everywhere you look. Its quiet, and calm. Even the birds seem to be quieter there. There are places to sit every few metres and the ponds are filled with beautiful Koi fish that I just sat and watched for a long while. There’s just something about them that’s soothing.

A whole lot of love goes into this place and it shows. Everything was immaculate. Not a spec of litter was anywhere to be found and I spotted gardeners delicately trimming some hedges in a far off corner. Every staff member I came across were bright, friendly and very helpful. Everything about this place seems peaceful and happy!

I stayed here for a good couple of hours, just following the stone paths and taking in the scenery. This place can be explored within hours or minutes, its entirely up to you. There’s small information boards along the way telling about the various statues and rock formations throughout the gardens, and you can even dress up in traditional Chinese garb and have photos taken. I have to say for $6-$12 its a fantastic way to spend the day. Especially if you need to get away for a few hours.

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