Ups And Downs

So thats me right now, sitting at the computer. Forlorn, stressed, worrying if I’ll even be able to get this idea of mine off the ground and if I’ll even get to go travelling. Ever.

Whenever you start up something new, or if you’re finally starting to live your dream, its exciting! You’re always thinking of the end result where you’re happy and care free. Everything has worked out! Then there are the days where you get smacked in the face with the big evil “What If” and you spend the whole day stressing about what happens if this doesn’t work. What if I completely fail and I never end up travelling at all and end up a hermit woman cat lady spending the rest of her days fat and alone (except for the cats) and wishing that things had gone different.

Today is definitely one of those days. I have the happy combination of both art AND writers block. Meaning, until this blog post, I had no idea what to write on my website or on Twitter/Facebook and I can’t seem to get any artistic ideas out of my head and onto paper.

Also, realising there’s a whole lot more work to go into finding customers then actually charging them a fair price for what I do is just…scary and overwhelming sometimes! I’m not ready to give up, I know that this is just a down day and that tomorrow will be brighter. Also it won’t be my last downer that I have during this whole business and travel thing I have going. So, I just need to suck it up and keep going.


If anybody has advice on how to get through slumps like this, I’d love to hear it! But for now, I’ll continue fighting the urge to buy and consume a large block of chocolate.


4 responses

  1. At this stage it may seem daunting, but in time, hopefully you’ll learn to cottle your environment and surroundings with symbols of encouragement, and become relentless and unwavered in your goals. I remember reading a quote by leonardo da vinci, I dont recal it word for word, but it basically said that, “I havent failed 100 times I’ve just found out 100 ways that dont work”

    1. I like that quote 🙂 I also like the idea of surrounding myself with symbols of encouragement. Might try that out today actually. Thanks!

  2. Simple advice – Things always get better. May sound overly basic, and not a quick fix, but it’s true, and it’s handy to recall when things seem crap. Don’t dwell on the crap, or you’ll stay there.

    1. True 🙂 I was expecting there to be days like this. It always sucks when they come along though. Not to worry, I’m not giving up yet!

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